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Dr. Robert Fredericks

Dr. Robert Frederick’s is a board certified endocrinologist and the Medical Director and Laboratory Directory for Endocrine Associates in Reno, Nevada and its affiliate, The Medical Center For Hormonal Health (Roseville, California). Dr. Fredericks special expertise includes hormone replacement, bone metabolism and osteoporosis, kidney stones and diabetes mellitus


Nora L. Constantino, PhD

A Professor at the University of Nevada Reno, Dr. Constantino works with the team at Endocrine Associates in the area of physical health and maintenance. She received her doctorate in Exercise Science from the University of Southern California and a Master of Science in Physical Education from the University of Nevada Reno. Her expertise in Bone Mineral Density and exercise physiology is an invaluable resource for Endocrine & Associates. Her lectures are informative, educational and highly motivational.


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